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Our production flow

Followingly we want to give you a small insight into our modern production halls and our innovative production flows.


In our company we produce on two floors. Our stainless-steel keyboards are predominantly manufactured in the first floor and we have established the production of our plastic keyboards in the upper floor. Every assembly for a keyboard from our various offer is manufactured at a specially worktable. The fundamental material for this is constantly always available at this table. We have always the fundamental assemblies stocked up, what lets us react very fast at an order (quick delivery, appointment faithfulness).


So the material flow remains limited on a minimum. We also pay attention for an optimal flow of the assemblies by the necessary worktables. In addition all work processes are organized altogether tightly defined in our production. For all this we can produce with less time exposure. This effectuates our unrivaled pricing policy.


Our production halls are into bright, light flushed premises placed, the worktables are arrange by modern work principles. Every workplace is equipped with a computer wich one is networked in a high speed LAN. A quick information extraction for the production (production know-how) about a flexible ERP system and a logical directory structure is so guaranted everywhere.

Production of the stainless-steel keyboards at the first floor

Our production hall at the first floor in which in addition are our stock-receipt and the laser area.


Our production workers which finishes their jobs in this, are trained for 3-4 products which coincides in any products. Since they are specialized, they finish their jobs in speed above average. This gives us further time economies at the production and lets us react absolutely flexibly to orders coming in.


Of course everything starts with the stock-receipt. If our raw parts come in, as much as we do not produce that by ourself, these are included by our stockkeeper in our ERP system first and then stored to our modern high shelf store . Of course if the parts should be immediately needed for an existing order, these immediately go in the production.


In the area of stainless-steel keyboards the first step is the assembly of the necessary switch model (W, W16, S7, S8). The ready switches are then immediately pressed into the base plate. The next work step is then pinning the keycaps on the switches.


The assembly (button module) thereupon drifts to the laser area which is directly besides it.


The laser area is equipped with two ultra-modern, computer-controlled laser machines. All our keyboards which are not equipped with 2 K buttons, become here their country variants. Also the symbols into our stainless-steel backlight buttons becomes here cut in. Furthermore the programs are made here for the computers which steer the laser process.


After the laser procedure the assembly drifts to the store standing besides. But if there is an existing order the the assembly immediately goes to the further processing in the final assembly.


Parallel to the switch assembly and the laser procedure the track ball assembly starts. If the assembly is produced for the store, the ready track balls also goes to the store. If the assembly was produced for an existing order, the ready track balls directly goes to the final assembly to the appropriate worktable. In the case that the production workers are fully occupied with existing orders, existing orders then are were equipped directly from the store regarding the track ball, too.


Before the final assembly can start, the button module still goes next to the worktable for screwing circuit boards. On this table are all circuit boards available for all keyboard variants. The production worker must look for the right circuit board and screw it on the button module.


The button module with the circuit board screwed together walks now to the worktable which is provided for the final assembly of the respective model. The track ball is then still put together with the button module and the front plate must be mounted. At last the earthing set gets located. Is part of the final assembly also, that the keyboard is programmed with the necessary program file to fulfill the function which the customer claims to have according to the order. This is fulfilled over the computer at the worktable. The keyboard thereupon have to be checked for its corresponding function (final check).


If the keyboard works, then it walks in the dispatch.


Production of the plastic keyboards at the upper floor

Our production hall in the upper floor in which our test laboratory in addition also is located.


At every worktable will be produced again special keyboard models. The production workers here also are specialized.


At first the button module is here manufactured from the grill, the circuit board and the contact mattress.


Since most plastic keyboards are equipped with 2 K buttons (spraying technology), this escapes here the laser procedure. The buttons are put on from layout directly and then pressed.


So that faults can definitely be excluded when putting the buttons (layout) on, the button module is then subjected to a video control. It is checked whether the buttons put on really represent to the right layout.



After video control of the button module has been carried out, the keyboard walks back to the worktable for the final assembly. This contains programming and auditing the keyboard again, too.


If everything is all right, the keyboard goes on in the dispatch.